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Recently we found a dog in need, on craigslist, in northern Wisconsin. 

Her name is Paris and she is a moyen Poodle. 

She looked a little rough in her craigslist photo and wasn't much of a description on her, not even her name. Just saying how extremely fearful this four year old was, the mom couldn't get near her. Paris was used for breeding "designer dogs" twice.

We knew we needed to get this girl and give her a chance at being a real dog with real love.

Luckily Ally, from Onward Bound Incredible Dog Training, found this beautiful girl and lead her to Wood Violet to become our foster. 

She's been with Ally for a little over a week and a half now and can I just say WOW. 

The changes Ally has done with her so far are amazing. She went from not wanting to go near Ally to becoming a "snuggle hog"! 

I had the chance to meet her last Friday. She was up walking around, curious about me. She even came up to sniff my hand a few times. (I left my hand at my side, not putting it out to try and have he...

Why has it been so long since we've updated anything!?

Well, to be honest, running a rescue is tough. (Running a business is also tough and that's needed my main focus for the past 6+ months because of some difficulties we were having...which I'm happy to say are diminishing right before my eyes because of wonderful management we have in place now!)

Not being able to have and find committed foster homes is tough.

Finding a dog, finding a foster home, to find out someone else has already fostered them is wonderful news but also something I wish we could have helped with. 

But that's life and life isn't always fair, just ask the animals. 

So I've been thinking, (it's also hard to get everyone together so I've had to do some thinking alone!) on what I'd like to focus on next.

We have money in our bank account waiting to help someone. 

I kept thinking, "What can we do with this money?"

My thought is, I would love to sponsor a few cats and dogs (seniors and handicapped ONLY since that's what we're...

We are so lucky to have raised $2,000 for Wood Violet's mission from our pancake breakfast! Here is a picture of our alumni Lady and her new mom! They've been doing so well together and came to support Wood Violet. (Oh yes and the pancakes were DELICIOUS!)

Right now since we currently don't have any animals in our foster program, (please let us know if you'd like to foster!) we are starting to work on our long term goals as well.

Our long term goals are to secure a property near Sussex/Colgate/Richfield to be able to house around 10-15 senior/handicapped dogs and around 10 senior/handicapped cats. We feel having our property based on a residential home is a much better option than a shelter. They will enjoy no "cages", going outside whenever they want, being able to enjoy being an animal even when nobody else was fighting for them, receiving proper love and vet care. We will be able to provide foster AND hospice care meaning we will be able to adopt animals out and keep animals who need...

Pictured: The Pfalz family enjoying Fun at the Carnival! Thanks for the support!

This past weekend at Fun at the Carnival we raised over $2,000! 

I sincerely thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for coming to support us. 

I want to say a special shout out to Jenni Perdzock, Judy Richards, and Joel Etzler for going above and beyond helping Wood Violet with their first fundraiser. Also a huge thank you to Rose O'Rorke and Tracy Ford for bringing the Kohl's fundraising powers to Wood Violet and helping us achieve even more!

Now we will be able to give an animal a home for the holiday's! 

It takes about $300 per month, per foster animal that we have. So every penny counts. 

We are hoping to give at least three dogs a home but we want to make smart decisions so that we are SAVING and not adding to the horrific cycle that can happen in rescue work. So it may only be two! It depends where we get them from and the urgency. We will keep everyone updated on WHERE your money is going exactly, eve...

A thank you to everyone who has donated and made Wood Violet possible.

Hey Everyone! 

Well, we got approved! Wood Violet is officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the state of Wisconsin! 

Thank you everyone for your support and patience and we start this venture of saving animals!! 

Okay enough of my exclamation points... 

Our fundraiser on November 4 is going to be so important to Wood Violet. 

Why? Because this will help us start our foster programs. We will be able to provide food, bedding, medical care, and everything your foster animals needs to live while they're in our care. We will use 100% of the proceeds to jumpstart our non-profit into a thriving animal rescue! 

We cannot wait to start saving lives. Please let us know if you would like to foster for Wood Violet, you will NOT be disappointed! 

All my love,

Melissa Etzler 

Friday we had our first official meeting! What a great feeling to finally meet and sign our documents. Wood Violet is now just waiting the approval of their 501(c)(3) then we'll be ready to start accepting donations, volunteers, and fundraising opportunities. Most importantly, we'll be able to finally start saving animals lives.

What do we plan to do with our first donations?

We cannot start rescuing dogs or cats until we have enough money to sustain that animal in their foster home for 3-6 months. There is no guarantee that an animal will find their forever home right away or in any given time period. We want to be SURE that the animals we are rescuing, we can provide for. Every month in costs are an estimated (varies on breed, age, species) $250, that's over $1,000!

Our first fundraiser, November 4, we are hoping to raise $5,000. With that we will be starting our foster program and be able to save multiple animals!

Right now we have four foster families that are willing to foster for us!...

Today is my wonderful husband and Wood Violet co-founder's birthday! Happy birthday Joel!

To get everyone up to speed, we now have added on three more members to our board, possibly four. It's amazing so many people are this passionate about saving animals. I love it! By the end of this week everything should be filed and we will just be waiting for approval!

We are starting to plan for our first fundraiser this summer and so far we've come up with some pretty cool ideas. I can't wait to share who we've collaborated with. It will be a fun summer event to help support animals. We also plan on having another fundraiser to introduce who we are and what we do along with fun! 

Can't wait to update you all again when we have even more accomplished. 

All my love,


Wood Violet is currently very close to becoming a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit in the state of Wisconsin! We just have to finish filing our form 1023, have our first official board meeting, and finish this website. Then we will officially be ready. We are keeping our fingers crossed this will be all finished by mid summer. We will keep everyone updated on our timeline.

Right now we're really looking for foster homes, for any kind of animal. In the future we may be getting a location that will be able to house 3 dogs, possibly more but we will still be primarily foster based for now. Please keep us in your thoughts, this will really help out the animals. Being able to foster more will save more lives!

If you are interested in fostering please email and let them know you are ready and willing! We have a form to fill out but since we aren't rolling anything out officially they are not readily available to the public. Fostering won't be starting until Wood Violet...

In today's world we see a lot of sad news over and over again. Sometimes we see sad news from five years ago and hits us in the sweet spot, again. Then, through my tears of "why-do-people-do-this," I realized something different was needed. How can we make an impact? How can we, as a community, save cats, dogs, farm, and possibly wildlife? How do we save more animals?

Well, my husband Joel and I decided to start Wood Violet Animal Rescue. We decided to make a change instead of looking the other way. We want to be part of the solution. 

How is Wood Violet different from other rescues in the South Eastern part of Wisconsin? 

We're different because of our educational approach to rescuing dogs. Not only do we all have an immense love for animals but we also have the science to back up what we're doing and what we're doing is effective, force free handling. We are going to be personally involved with foster parents and forever families and carefully place each animal to make sure that ev...

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2,000 Raised!

March 12, 2018

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